Our primary responsibility is to provide privacy and we believe in keeping all information confidential. We believe in providing quality service to the clients. Please give your precious time to read GET HRM Privacy Policy so that you will know how we handle user's confidential details. So by ensuring this we understand that you have been aware of this privacy policy.

Why we collect personal information

GET HRM provide you the first-rate service that collects your personal information for your convenience access to our products and services and also dedicated to making it available maximally.

How we collect personal information

The information that we collect is in many ways. For example, as soon as you begin rounds of discussion with us the things we ask is your contact Information at the time of registration with us and call for a meeting or to join a conference. Also, whenever you create a login ID on GET HRM website you have to fill your full details and we pick all your information from there.

When we disclose personal information

Because GET HRM is a global platform, your confidential information can be shared with other business units across the globe. And of course, they will keep safe all your personal information as per the guidelines of the GET HRM Privacy Policy. GET HRM takes the responsibility to share user's personal information discreetly with the selected partner companies, and lets you aware of related announcements.

How we protect your personal information

GET HRM guards the data for security concern that you share with us as a physical, electronic process. We request you to take every measure to protect your personal data during doing business online. Make sure to keep strong password and try to change your passwords often, use a combination complicated character, letters or numbers, and make sure you are using a secure browser.

GET HRM doesn’t intentionally ask for personal information from children and send them requests to seek for personal information.

GET HRM website has included links to other sites. In any case, GET HRM does not share any kind of information on other sites and is not responsible in any way, for their privacy terms and conditions. Although, we encourage even you to read their Privacy Policy of other companies who are associated with us.

We assure you that if we make use of your Personal Information then we will send you related emails by updating ourselves with the latest information. If we have no permission from you or receiving any mail then we will not use your personal data in a new manner.

GET HRM subjected customer privacy policy can be changed anytime, we encourage you to keep reviewing the privacy policy in order to have an update.

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